Little Dipper Confections

cropped-phone-pics-7072.jpgHello everyone.  It’s a pleasure to announce the start of my new venture, Little Dipper Confections.  I’m offering chocolate-dipped candies made the old-fashioned way–with lots of thought given to ingredients and taste, all hand-crafted.  Can you remember the last time you enjoyed candy made without preservatives?  Or sweets that weren’t mass-produced, but formed lovingly by hand, one at a time?  My hope is that Little Dipper Confections takes you back to simpler times, when the highest priority was always given to quality rather than to quantity.

I’ve set up this website for a number of reasons.  To sell and promote my confections, yes, but also to have a place to write about this adventure.  You see, this personally isn’t just about a way to make some money.  It’s the culmination of hours spent cooking sugar and tempering chocolate, days thinking up and testing new recipes, months trying to figure out how to turn a love into a living, and years struggling to make sense of my infatuation with cooking, baking, and candy-making.

Of my many endeavors in the kitchen, I find candy-making especially rewarding.  From a handful of ordinary ingredients–sugar, a vanilla bean, some cream–you can turn out the most flavorful caramels you may ever have eaten.  Cut them to uniform pieces, dip them in chocolate, and the beauties you end up with look nothing like what you started out with. Some might call this cooking science.  Yes, but I say it’s also cooking magic, and it has me completely bewitched.  Answering the call of confections–it’s not a bad way to pass the time!

To stay posted on updates at Little Dipper Confections, follow this blog and come join me in the pursuit of the sweeter things in life!


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