The Details


Whew!  Just when I was congratulating myself on finishing my application for a Cottage Food Operations permit, I discover that the real struggle would be figuring out how to set up a website.  I’ve never been great with computer stuff, so putting a website together–even on something as user-friendly as WordPress–was painstaking.  But it’s done!

I invite you to look around and see what Little Dipper Confections is about.  Information regarding products and pricing has been updated as well as ordering details.

I’ve gotten some questions regarding the possibility of shipping to non-local destinations.  As much as it kills me to say so, I’m not able to ship my products.  My permit, once I receive it, will only allow direct, in-person exchanges.  I realize this limits my audience to a much (much) smaller geographical range, but I still and will always appreciate the support that you’ve shown by joining me in spirit in my confectionery adventures and sharing my story.  Who knows?  Maybe someday LDC will outgrow its home kitchen and move into a commercial kitchen.  Then it’s the big leagues, with lights, cameras, and shipping!

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