Welcome to the 2017 Proctor Farmers’ Market!

When I woke up this morning, the spaces between the blinds of the bedroom window were still dark.  I reached for my phone on the window sill, held it under the blankets so as not to wake my sleeping husband, and saw the email I’d been hoping for since last Wednesday: Welcome to the 2017 Proctor Farmers’ Market!  The Vendor Committee has approved your Proctor Farmers’ Market Application, and we welcome you to the 2017/Winter 2018 Market Season.

Of course, there was no sleeping after that.  It was the best piece of news I could have asked for.  For three days I’d been agonizing over the possibility of not getting into the market.  Where, then, could I sell my candies?  How would I ever get my product out there?

This email put all that to rest.  Getting into the Proctor market means that Little Dipper Confections will have a regular “home,” a place to set up shop and conduct business, just about every week starting March 25.  It also means I get to join a long-established community of market vendors who have been providing Tacoma-area residents with the option of buying local for years.  I’m thrilled, honored, and beyond ecstatic.

What are you doing Saturday March 25?  Come visit me at the Proctor Farmers’ Market!

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