Best $23 I Ever Spent

Note to self: check front doorstep before starting the evening’s routine of cutting candy labels.  It was only after my husband and I had finished cutting 180 paper labels the hard way—using a couple of kitchen shears—that I discovered FedEx had delivered the guillotine-style paper cutter I’d ordered at the beginning of the week.

023 (2)
180 labels earned the hard way

I apologize to the neighbors for the strange, almost maniacal laughter erupting from the green house with the red roof at around 7PM last evening.  For reasons I can’t explain, these things just seem to happen to me, and I find them hilarious.  My husband was not as amused.  In my defense, I’d been tracking the shipment feverishly all week, ever since my first thousand reps of thumb presses with the scissors back on Monday.  The guillotine wasn’t scheduled for arrival until Friday.

030 (3)
My new best friend

But now that it’s here-and thank God it is-life at Little Dipper Confections will never be the same!  Labels at the speed of light!  Best $23 I ever spent.

Just two more days til the start of my year at Proctor Farmers’ Market!  Saturday March 25 at N 27th and Proctor Street in Tacoma.  9AM – 2PM.  Hope to see you there!



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