Heading South for the Summer

Mondays have come to feel like a weekly case of the post-Christmas blues.  After the excitement of a Saturday vending at the Proctor Farmers’ Market, and then the fun of a Sunday free day, Mondays are reserved for tying up loose ends from Saturday.  The morning starts off with an inventory count of items that didn’t sell and continues with logging pre and post-market inventory numbers into the spreadsheets I’ve created on Excel.  By mid-morning, my mood is somber from staring too long at the spreadsheets and thinking too much about the bottom line: how to grow the black numbers on my spreadsheets and shrink the startup cost reds.  Should I move my display tables closer to the booth entrance?  Make more signage?  Eliminate the treat bags?  After lunch, I’m usually longing to get back into my jammies.

But not this Monday!  Today I got this awesome email:  “West Olympia Farmers Market has reviewed and accepted your application for the 2017 season.”  Little Dipper Confections is heading south for the summer!

The West Olympia Farmers’ Market opens on May 9 and runs every Tuesday from 4 – 7 PM.   It’s located at the new West Central Park at the corner of Harrison and Division in Olympia, WA.  This market will run for five months before its last day on October 10.  Stop by and say hi!

What?  Too far south you say?  Don’t worry, I’ll still be at the Proctor Farmers’ Market in north Tacoma every Saturday from 9AM – 2PM.  Come over and enjoy the market!


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