It’s A Mom Thing

“Which one’s your favorite?”

I get this question a lot from people visiting my stand at the farmers’ markets.  It’s always a hard one to answer.  Each of my chocolates was conceived only after long sessions of labor: of trial and error, discoveries and adjustments, hair-pulling, and a fair number of trips to the waste bin.  By the time they’re “delivered,” I’ve fallen deeply in love with each and every one–even the most difficult.  They are truly my babies.  What mother goes around telling people she loves one of her children more than the others?

I want to say that I like them all equally the same, but it sounds too sales pitchy.  And even though I’m sure my customers would be fine with a quick and easy answer, for me, there’s no such thing.  My eyes would sweep across the different varieties of chocolates nestled inside each assorted box.  I’d try desperately to feel more affection for one of them than for the rest.  No such luck.  After an awkward silence, I usually end up blurting out the name of my first-born: “Banana Bliss Caramel!”

But it never feels right to play favorites like this so I’d start talking up the other varieties too.  “The Positively Pineapple Caramel is really refreshing, and the Creamy Coffee Caramel packs a punch.  But then again the Peanut Butter’s been really popular…”  By the time I stop talking, I realize that my ramblings pretty much add up to saying that I like them all equally the same.

So next time I get asked this question, I’ll simply say, “A mother loves all her babies equally.”  With any luck, my customers will understand that one person’s chocolate treat is another’s lovingly-nurtured baby.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

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