A couple of important milestones this weekend.  One, I took my first order from a customer at the Proctor Farmers’ Market yesterday!  By customer, I mean a person not related to me by blood or marriage, and who doesn’t fall into the categories of former co-worker or husband’s co-worker.  Not that I don’t appreciate any and all forms of customers, because believe me–I do.  But in this instance, I mean a customer who knows of me only because of Little Dipper Confections chocolates.  I’m super excited about this and can’t describe how great it feels to have people come back and ask for more of my products.

And two, with yesterday’s earnings at the Proctor Farmers’ Market, I’ve managed to pay off all of the startup costs of this particular market.  It took nine weeks to reach this point, but it was my first market, so my startup expenses included everything from a 10 x 10 vending canopy, to the tubs I use to transport my chocolates, to the big cut of burlap that serves as my tablecloth.  I’ve literally been working to pay off my portable office.  But now that it’s done, the real fun can begin.  I can now start calling my earnings “profits.”  How nice is that?  Hooray for such milestones!

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