How’s Business?

It’s been four months since I started selling my confections at local farmers’ markets, and the one question I get asked the most is How has business been?  I’m never quite sure how to answer this, especially on the spot, because business has been so many things at once.

Business has been exciting—having three farmers’ markets on my plate and juggling candy-making in between has definitely been anything but boring.  It’s been nerve-wracking—how many boxes do I bring to the next market?  Should I pack along the ice, even if it’ll only warm up during the last hour of the market?  Will so-and-so remember to come by and pick up their order?  It’s been work: chocolates, chocolates, and more chocolates, even when the weather is perfect outside and I’d die to be able to spend the day being out and about instead of making another batch of *sigh* chocolates.  And it’s been a thrill: “Bought a box from you last week and just wanted to tell you how amazing they were.”  “Will you consider selling wholesale with us?”  “For one of my class assignments I did a report profiling your business.”  (I’m not making that last one up!  How crazy is that?)

Okay, enough with the bragging.  My point is that business has come with all kinds of moments, some good, some not-so-good.  But overall, I’d have to say business has been wonderful.  I still love what I’m doing, I still go into each market asking myself What can I do better? and I still put the same care and effort into each batch of confections as I did on Day One.  All good signs.

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