Then and Now

In the beginning, there were four unsightly orange utility buckets and a Do-It-Yourself business sign made from a three-foot plank of wood and a couple bottles of crafter’s paint from Michaels.  Now there’s a proper set of canopy weights and a custom banner that serves as the perfect back wall for my traveling outdoor office.  Slowly but surely, my farmers’ market booth is changing out of its Cinderella smocks and aprons and donning more presentable attire.

It took 18 weeks of selling my confections before reaching the point of being able to justify spending $60+ on an eye-catching banner with the words “Little Dipper Confections” in neat cursive font and a handful of pictures of my chocolates to represent.  The banner made its debut last week, at the South Tacoma Farmers’ Market, and life hasn’t been the same since.

Just like magic, I’ve stopped getting questions like “What do you sell?”  Gone are the days of people studying my display with the kind of expressions you might expect of those trying to balance chemical equations, or my expression when I try to sort the chronological order of all the Star Wars movies.  There’s no more greeting folks who wander into my booth with a cheerful “This is Little Dipper Confections, and I have handmade chocolates,” and then watching them make a hasty retreat as they mumble, “I thought you were selling bath soaps.”

And then there are my legs.  No more new bruises each week from the thumping against them of buckets filled with 25 pounds of sand as I lug them from vehicle to booth at the beginning of the day and then back to vehicle again at the end.  I should take a picture of the purple splotches now, so that I can show my nieces and nephews some day and tell them about how it was done way back when.

Ah, the good old days.  How I’ll miss them.  Not.


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