End of Year Announcements

With the end of the year fast approaching, I’ve been thinking long and hard about big-picture things.  Where do I want Little Dipper Confections to go?  What do I want to keep and what to change?

A few months ago I was gung ho about getting out of my home kitchen and ditching the Cottage Food Operation permit.  Instead, I’d rent a commercial kitchen space and operate under a Food Processor License.  The move would enable me to finally ship my products and to become a wholesaler.  Instead of remaining ultra-local, my products would travel the country!  The world, even!  And imagine walking into a boutique or a gift shop and seeing boxes of Little Dipper Confections perched on a shelf!  It was obviously the way to go.

But then November came, and just as quickly Thanksgiving went and then Christmas lights sprouted up around the gables of neighbors’ houses.  Before I knew it I was engulfed in the kind of blizzard known in the vendor’s world as the Holiday Festival Season.  For about two months life was reduced to exactly two distinct modes: making products, and selling products.  All the while, I hadn’t given a single minute to looking around for an affordable commercial kitchen space.

Before I had time to blink I tumbled out of Holiday Festival Season and landed headlong in the second week of December.  It was time to make some decisions.  For real.  Yes, a Food Processor License had some shiny perks.  But then I thought about how much fun it had been to take my confections around to different towns, meeting people along the way who really connected with my product and my vision.  It has always been and still truly is the BEST part of my job.  Would I really be happy trading much of that for the ability to ship my products and to be a wholesaler?  Suddenly, conducting online sales and dropping my confections off at a store seemed so impersonal.  So blah. 

I guess that was a long way of saying that Little Dipper Confections will remain a Cottage Food Operation, at least for another year.  I’ll continue selling my handcrafted sweets in-person at various events locally within Washington.  This means shipping will still not be an option.  My deepest apologies for the inconvenience.

One minor change to note: in an attempt to streamline my process and my operation, only 6-piece and 12-piece assorted boxes will be available at events.  One-piece, two-piece, and 24-piece boxes will be available only as special order items.

It’s been a truly awesome year and I feel so incredibly lucky to be moving into another year of crafting confections for a living.  I thank all of my customers for that, from the bottom of my heart.

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