Winter Collection

Peanut Butter Confection

A decadent bed of peanut butter and milk chocolate, topped with a billowy vanilla marshmallow blanket.  Dipped in milk chocolate.  Available year-round.

Banana Bliss Caramel

Chewy, flavorful banana caramel dipped in dark chocolate.  Garnished with a fairy sprinkle of sea salt.  Available year-round.

Coconut Macadamia Confection

A delicious combination of toasted macadamia nut and coconut filling.  Dipped in milk chocolate and enrobed in toasted coconut shavings.  Available year-round.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

A velvety chocolate truffle made with organic 66% dark chocolate, organic virgin coconut oil, and coconut milk.  Dusted with cocoa powder.  Vegan.  Available year-round.

Dark Chocolate Tile With Orange and Hazelnut (Seasonal Winter Item)

Organic, fair trade dark chocolate with candied orange zest and toasted hazelnut.  Vegan.  Seasonal Winter Item.

Cherry Liqueur Truffle (Seasonal Winter Item)

A tasty white chocolate ganache with cherry jam, cherry liqueur, and a dried cherry tucked inside.  Seasonal Winter Item.